Taking the leap

This is a pep talk to myself. You’re good enough. You’re going to make it. You will stay focused and motivated and driven whilst pursuing your dreams.

I quit my awesome job at News24 a while ago, knowing that it was time for me to find my own feet and start paving the way for my dreams to be realised. The longer I stayed in the comfortable space, regardless of how convenient, the more it felt like I was postponing the aspirations that are dearest and most important to me. Wasting time, really.

So I dropped out of the nest and, honestly, it still feels like I’m spiraling to the floor flapping my wings every now and then… figuring out this flying thing until, one day, I’ll soar with those elusive eagles.

At this stage, however, it reminds me of bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe… jaw clenched, heart racing, eyes shut and all-consuming fear pumping through my veins. But, as I experienced while diving off the Vic Falls bridge, if you open your eyes and look up, courage is rewarded. I saw a full circle rainbow while dangling under that bridge, created by the mist from the gushing Falls. Seeing that, seeing beauty beyond my understanding and being reminded again of my Creator’s promise that the rainbow is the sign of His covenant with me “and with all the earth”, I knew I was going to be just fine.

Now, too, in this leap of faith, I open my eyes and look up. And so far, I’ve learnt a couple of things.

One – Taking a step in faith is always rewarded. Perhaps not in the way you expected or wanted, but definitely so. Since I’ve opened up to opportunities, there have been so many exciting (and daunting) opportunities coming my way that it’s hard to think that it can only be coincidental. I’ve also been spending so much time with the people I love which, for me and my family, is the most important thing in the world.

Two – Having a support structure is paramount to all of our successes. No one can succeed alone, and no one should succeed alone. We are constantly standing on the shoulders of giants and, perhaps even without knowing it, we are the shoulders for other people to stand on. I think the more we acknowledge and embrace this, the better for all.

Priscilla Jabulile Malinga (left) and I, right before our tandem bungee swing from Victoria Falls Bridge.

And Three – Doubt is the biggest killer of dreams. Be aware of this and plan for when it comes. I’ve written down the things I’m passionate about and good at, for example. And I won’t let doubt lie to me about those dreams and goals – I have it down in black and white and I can always revert back to it whenever I feel a little helpless, lost and confused. Do not underestimate the power of pen and paper.

I find that the dreams and goals I bring to the book are the ones I pursue and make come true. So write that shit down and… jump!


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Traveller. Writer. Food lover. Conservationist. South African.

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