Welfare of SA’s ‘bone lions’ sidelined​ by DEA, DAFF

Captive Bred Lions destined for canned hunting or slaughter for their bones are not protected by South Africa’s animal welfare laws. The Departments responsible for their welfare and regulating the industry are simply ‘passing the buck’. According to Karen Trendler of the Wildlife Trade and Trafficking unit of the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA), theContinue reading “Welfare of SA’s ‘bone lions’ sidelined​ by DEA, DAFF”

Major SA hotel group continues to promote lion walks

Human-wildlife interactions with iconic big cats including lions, cheetahs and their cubs are being promoted via the Ranch Protea Hotel in Limpopo, owned by Marriott International, despite statements distancing themselves from such activities.

Into the Okavango with SA’s NatGeo Adventurer

“I had made a terrible mistake…” wildlife biologist Steve Boyes says, describing the day when he and his research assistant were thrown off their mekoro into the waters of the Cuito river by an angry hippopotamus. When he saw a rustling in the reeds, he immediately thought they were approaching a crocodile and headed to deeper water,Continue reading “Into the Okavango with SA’s NatGeo Adventurer”

Gunfire, ambush and the bush – time travelling in the Caprivi

Before visiting the SADC countries of Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe last year, we were told by everyone who had been there before that we’ll see thousands of elephant. We didn’t doubt them, as it is, after all, home to the largest remaining population of elephants in the world. As our luck would have it, we droveContinue reading “Gunfire, ambush and the bush – time travelling in the Caprivi”

Namibian Tourism Ministry brushes off questionable killing of desert elephants

Two of the only five remaining mature desert elephant bulls that occupied the Ugab region of Namibia have recently been hunted and killed. Tsaurab and Tusky, along with another juvenile bull, Kambonde, were shot in the midst of an international outcry and ongoing petitions attempting to halt the killings – an uproar brushed off byContinue reading “Namibian Tourism Ministry brushes off questionable killing of desert elephants”

Namibia’s desert elephants back on the butcher’s block

Three of Namibia’s iconic desert elephants have become moving targets after the Ministry of Environment & Tourism (MET) earlier this month approved permits to hunt them. The hunting permits – one problem bull tag and two trophy bull tags – have been issued for the Ugab basin where the iconic ‘Voortrekker’ bull also roams. TheContinue reading “Namibia’s desert elephants back on the butcher’s block”

Pressure mounting to ban wild animal interactions in SA

The walls are closing in on animal interaction operators in South Africa as international tourism role-players distance themselves from unethical wildlife experiences. International travellers are looking for ethical, responsible experiences and circuses and petting zoos where animals are kept solely for human entertainment are no longer generally accepted. Responding to the changing sentiments of tourists,Continue reading “Pressure mounting to ban wild animal interactions in SA”

SA’s captive bred lions, forever enchained

South Africa has had over two decades to stem the controversial issue of canned lion hunting but, instead, the industry has thrived. This was until the controversial documentary Blood Lions put the issue back into the spotlight – setting in motion a few small victories in SA. It’s been almost 20 years since the highlyContinue reading “SA’s captive bred lions, forever enchained”