Boerewors: Vinegar, spice and everything nice

It’s solace in a bun. It’s what you trade for wine with your friends from Cape Town when they visit. It’s what you buy by the metre and eat sizzling hot off the flames at Mzoli’s in Gugulethu. It’s eaten with All Gold or chakalaka or smoor. It’s an ode to our collective history asContinue reading “Boerewors: Vinegar, spice and everything nice”


A flame-grilled road trip through the Eastern Cape

Mother Nature rules in the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast a little bit more than in any other part of SA; a fact that I’ve learnt first-hand. Time isn’t really important there. Roads aren’t either. Neither are cars. Or cellphone reception. Nor is any other basic detail that makes the modern, capitalist world function. But there isContinue reading “A flame-grilled road trip through the Eastern Cape”

Eat your heart out: A 48h foodie dream in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Uber was ‘arriving shortly’, but we were still so consumed by the packet of warm, deep-fried dumplings that I wouldn’t have minded missing it again. Standing in the daily morning drizzle, Louis and I were tucking into ‘banh goi’ – miniature rice flour pastry pillows filled with finely-chopped glass noodles, wood ear mushrooms, mincedContinue reading “Eat your heart out: A 48h foodie dream in Hanoi, Vietnam”

Vegan hunting 101: Foraging for mushrooms

It’s difficult to find ethically and organically sourced food in the world we live in today. Those of us who live on or below the breadline can’t care less whether our maize and beef is mass-produced in Brazil or locally farmed on Buffelsfontein. The harsh truths is that it’s about getting food on the table,Continue reading “Vegan hunting 101: Foraging for mushrooms”