Hello there

Welcome to my creative portfolio. Here you’ll find a few examples of my work, which include stories about my favourite travel experiences both in SA and abroad, as well as various pressing conservation crises in Southern Africa.

If you love great food, we’ll have lots to talk about. I travel to broaden my horizons, but also to challenge my tastebuds and immerse myself in other cultures through their cuisine – the most delicious way to experience a new destination. Food can challenge us to think and live outside of the box, even from the comfort of home.

In South Africa, our heritage recipes also connect us. That is something worth celebrating, which I aim to do through my writing.

Originally from a dorpie in the Midland Karoo, I’ve swopped farm living for the big city lights of Port Elizabeth where I know live with my husband, Louis, our two Scottish dogs Benji & Bonnie and our adopted 18-year-old ginger cat, Felix.

Want to know more? Get in touch so we can have coffee in Stanley Street.

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